Welcome to IIN

International Investigators Network (Pvt) Ltd. was established in 2002 with the view of filling the need for a specialized investigation outfit in Sri Lanka, with investigations as its sole activity. Prior to 2002, IIN was the investigation arm of Vigilant Security & Investigation Services (Pvt) Ltd., one of the pioneering Industrial Security companies in Sri Lanka having established itself in 1973.


   IIN offers services in the following areas
  • Investigations
  • Surveillance
  • Intelligence Gathering

These services are offered in any part of Sri Lanka. We also have an extensive network of partner investigators across the globe with strong links in Asia Pacific & Middle East regions.

IIN has a considerable client base comprising of insurance companies, law firms, Blue Chip private sector companies, medium to small businesses and private clients.  Investigation companies from the US, Europe, and the Asian region use our services on a regular basis for cases concerning Sri Lanka. The majority of our clients are repeat business and regular clients who have used the services of IIN for many years.  

Our investigators are well trained and well informed. Integrity, Impartiality, and Commitment, are considered as our core values. We pride ourselves in providing results at the agreed deadline in a professional manner.


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